The Client

Providing us with a wide number of images and raw footage to explore from their chosen day, the client looks to us in compiling these in the best way possible.


To preserve the precious memories of the special day in all its glory.


Our Approach

The team overlooks all the material provided and comes up with the best manner to compile and edit them in.

Design Team

The team comes together to divide the work accordingly so that these valuable memories be delieved in the quickest manner possible.

Tools We used

The team edits the photographs in cutting edge softwares like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom while the videos are overlooked in Adobe Premiere Pro.

What Happens Here


Jones Engagement 143
Jones Engagement 128
Jones Engagement 120
Jones Engagement 070
Jones Engagement 039
Jones Engagement 012
Jones Engagement 009
Jones Engagement 138

The Curtain Closing!

A collection of the best moments from the auspicious day digitalized and preserved for eternity.