Graphic Designing

The Human Element

The Client

A father and his son pioneering different mediums to educate the world on Autism and how to react towards people that are as such.


To create visuals through graphics and animations that compromise a level of empathy that speaks to every human.

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Our Approach

An empathetic approach towards the design was adopted so that the human element remains consistent even in the visuals.

Design Team

Each task is assigned to a designated designer and is overlooked by every member of the team so as to achieve the highest level of empathy.

Tools We used

The team created graphics in software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator whereas stop motions and animations were created in Adobe After Effects.

What Happens Here


Expressions Chart copy_ _Vector Smart Object
Logo VariationsArtboard 1 copy
Expressions Chart copy_0002_Excited
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Logo VariationsArtboard 1
Expressions Chart copy_0003_Sad

The Final Animation!

A collection of educational visuals that speak to each individual of the delicacy and the difficulties of those that face Autism.