Project Watch

The Client

This 3D animated video is created for XYZ, everything about the client what they do etc.


Our client wanted to create a personalized 3D animation video. The idea was to show different products under different settings with an emphasis on their online and mobile product catalogs. They wanted an engaging video with the potential to go viral.

How we did it

It was quite a challenge as we had to showcase more than 10 products from different categories under different settings. We then created a storyboard

Tools We used

Once the Client has signed off the storyboard, we created all the models in Cinema4D (logo) and Autodesk Maya (logo)

After that, we rendered some shots for the client to get a glimpse on how the models look like.

Then, we animated all the 3D models in 3D software and rendered the sequences using Octane renderer. The entire post-production was done in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere pro.

The music was also carefully selected in order to evoke emotion of the viewers and to maximize the impact.

The Result


Anything related to clients comments after work got approved and liked by them.